The tree in the middle

The tree in the middle_PIC3_300x200
The tree was there for God to test man’s trust in Him or Satan’s rest.
Its look was good and tasted like food but when they took it poisoned their root.
That same old choice is here again, although this time it’s inside as well:
We choose to trust and obey God’s coax or listen to His enemy’s hoax.
You may be think that’s not the truth for everything around is good,
But if you make a brand-new thing and let it choose between you and me,
Who’ll tell it better what to do and what is good and right and true?
The answer is a choice again of saying the truth or lying in vain.
For truth is obvious to all by its very effect of “stand” or “fall”.
Or maybe you would like to add a new way better than that,
Which every new thing would beget by trying hard to avoid the bad?
Is this a truth or is it a lie that twists the vision of your eye?
Well, let me ask you a question again: Is truth a must or is it a game?
If it’s a must, the thing can fall or stand upright by will and call.
If it’s a game, then chance again can make it do whatever it may.
It’d better be a must, I say, than trickster’s tricks leading astray,
For a must will take it where it says and a game will have it its own way.
That’s my choice; as for you, it’ll depend on what you choose,
Yet, truth is obvious again: you can’t have a rest while playing a game.

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