I need you all

I need you all

God, I need you to make me and let me be free to do as I choose in a world made for me.
I want You to tell me what I have done wrong and help me correct it by making it right.

Mum, I need you to bear me and help me to grow in a world full of beauty but ugliness also.
I need you to feed me and teach me to be a person of honor and pleasure to see.

Dad, I need you to love me and hold me by hand when trying to fly or when walking on sand.
I need you to tell me what to expect and stop me from things I will later regret.

Brother, I need you to grow supported by you and let people know how strong we’re two.
I need you to hug me when I am distressed and I want you to slap me when I’ve transgressed.

Sister, I need you to go through life’s moments of test knowing you are there and commend my quest.
I need you to know I am loved by default and someone like me wants my support.

Friend, I need you to share my joy and my misery and be your mirror in sadness and victory.
I want you to know that four eyes see much better and truer than just only me.

Husband, I need you to love you and be loved in return with passion and ardor that always burn.
I want to be only as you only will be in a world full of replicas that pretend to be me.

Daughter, I need you to know what giving birth is as a present from God and His fatherly kiss.
You appeared and changed me like a tree bearing fruit making it much sweeter in substance and look.

Son, I need you to see love’s new fruit and face when God speaks again and shows His grace.
I need you to have another good chance to show the world that love can advance.

Partner, I need you to soothe me in trouble and pain and make me be prone to anger and vain.
I want you to share your problems with me and I expect you to bear common burdens for free.

People, I need you to know that life lived in groups is happiness growing like branches and fruits.
I need you to see God’s face in you beaming through diamond’s facets to view.

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