Who is the Creator?
Who is the Creator_editedI believe we can learn who the Creator is in the same way in which we learn what kind of a person the maker of a certain product is by examining his or her product. A product as vast and as complex as the world in which we live can only be made by a Creator possessing all the features and elements of that world, and probably more!
Another thing is that the Creator is verifiable. If you want to prove that this text is written by me, you can do that by comparing its features with my features. Each person is unique and what he or she makes is also unique and can be made by only that person and by no one else. When we examine the world to which we belong and compare it to what is ascertained by the scriptures ascribed to be written under the inspiration of a certain god or gods, we can conclude which statement is true and which false. This is one of the reasons why I believe that the Bible is the Word of the only true God.