Why do I believe in a Creator?
Why do I believe in a Creator_editedFor many reasons, one of which is the way we procreate. No one can create himself or create another human being without using the reproductive mechanism provided by his genetic apparatus. Not only that, but any change to that mechanism has dire consequences on the performance of the whole system, some of which have been given as a warning sign by the multitude of rare or incurable diseases.
Another reason why I believe there is a Creator is a combination of fact and logic. Every one thing – both living and non-living – is so aptly designed in terms of structure and function and so unyielding to radical change that it is more logical to be attributed to the workings of a clever mind than the result of an accidental self-creation or a fortuitous combination of circumstances.
It is also an undeniable fact that there are situations over which man has no control whatsoever: natural or personal disasters in which we are utterly helpless and unable to do anything to save either ourselves or the people involved. This speaks more for a power much higher than ours than for the lack of such a power.
And a last but not only, is the text I am writing. Can it appear without me? And why are you reading it? Is it because you want to learn something about the site or is it because you want to learn something about me or is it both?