Help you through

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Can you imagine someone like you who’s always there to help you through?
You do well and he rings a bell, you burn like hell and he’s ready to quell.
And if you have a problem of some kind, he says, “Relax, I’ll make it fine.
There is nothing done that can’t be undone when I abide beside your side.”
And if you do something really bad, he only smiles and waves his head,
And the bad vanishes like a candle thread as he pays the price to burn its threat.
And if you need to eat and drink, but have no desire to bite a thing,
He smiles again and makes you think that life is worth another blink.
And when you have no power to sigh and think the world’s an awful lie,
He tells you, “Honey, you are my life!” and you again begin to fly.
And if again you fall in rain and think in pain you live in vain,
He looks at you and hugs you, too, and makes you coo with merry hue.
And when you feel with no appeal to turn the wheel of your will,
He takes the wheel and steers the heal that takes you up the hope hill.
And if you think you’ll never win the fight to right the evil inside,
He says, “Let’s try one more time and give a chance to goodness and might.”
There seems to be an endless list of things like these that make you amiss,
But there’s also a list of bliss that give you peace by hug and kiss.

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