Glory be to God

Glory be to God_small
Glory, glory, glory, glory be to God who created the world and us to show His heart.
Glory be to Him, son, for your unique design and for being helpful to many under the Sun!
May He give you wisdom, may He give you strength, may He make you fruitful in what you do or say!
Follow in His footsteps, ask for His advice, listen to His good voice and do what is right.
It won’t be easy, wide’s the road to hell, but though the path is narrow, many are on the way.
It’s a faithful company, always ready to help, and will never desert you in good or bad or sad.
You just have to go, hard as it might be, move one step further and you will enter in.
There is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, there are the Christians who have arrived at home.
We are all wanted, all are waited for, to be part of a family that is forever so.

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