A friend

A Friend 1_small

A friend is a person with a known mystery
With whom you have written a whole history.
You’ve been through colds and hots together,
And you’ve fanned the times of nasty weather.
You’ve chatted in vain and rain and pain,
And when no one else was in the lane.
You’ve sailed and gailed and sometimes failed,
And you’ve headed storm and shedded hail.
You’ve had enough and extra love,
And you’ve staired before what’s in store.
A friend knows best when to rest
Or give her mouth no arrest
Until she sees your face as fine
As diamond facet’s sharpest line.
She hopes that you will forget
The bad she’s done and the good you’ve made
For you two are parts of common mind
That takes no delight of fools’ demand,
And measures you more than the gallons of oil
That heap the treasures for the stones of gold.

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