If I could fix one thing

If I could fix one thing_PIC1_300x200

If I could fix one thing, this thing would be me to make you want me and ask me to be.
If I am fixed and functioning right, each of my deeds will give you delight.
My thoughts will be pure; my words like my deeds,
Because nothing will shade them and make them deceits.
You will be happy to act as I wish, because all my desires will put you at ease.
You will ask me to come and have fun, because living alone will be like drum.
You’ll want to know more of me, because I’ll make you richer, sweeter and free.
If you feel low or sad or depressed, I’ll help you to glow by praising your best.
If you feel helpless to do your best, I’ll make you “help full” by giving you rest.
If life is squeezing the best out of rest, I’ll always fill you with new interest.
If you feel fine and bathing in shine, I’ll keep you wary of the dangers of wine.
If your life takes a wrong turn again, I’ll help by sharing the wrong trial pay.

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