No excuse

“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse” (Romans 1:20).
This is a very strong statement.
First it says that the world was created.
I am in my room and when I look around, I see many things that have been “created”: my furniture, my appliances, my clothes, my computers. When I look outside my room, I again see many things that have been “created”: buildings, streets, cars, utility poles. I also see things like plants and animals, which some people believe to have come into being from nothing and have gradually developed from very simple into very complex states through a series of consecutive steps comprising the so called process of evolution. No excuse_PIC_300x200None of the things that I have in my room (some of which are so complex that I cannot use them to full capacity) has come into being from nothing following the process of evolution, but the things which constitute the world of nature and which are much more complex and interrelated are claimed to have developed from nothing. Since no one is in a position to prove the exact way the world originated, it takes a much greater faith to believe in its appearance from nothing than in its being created by a superior being called God and accept His restrictions on His creation and His choice of what to reveal of Himself and to what extent.
According to the above statement, God has attributes which are invisible but can be “seen” and “understood through what has been made”. When you analyze what I have written, you will come to a conclusion about my ability to observe and reflect, and some of my “attributes” like intelligence, inquisitiveness, industriousness or originality. When I look at the world of nature, I am supposed to see how grand, complex, diverse and infinite it is, and to understand that it is such, because the One who has made it, is such (and possibly, much more). I personally believe that however magnificent and unfathomable the world is, it is but a small part of what God is and has in store for those of His creation whom He can trust.
I am very limited in my ability to understand the meaning of “eternal”, the less so of “eternal power”. Maybe, mathematicians can understand it much better than me. However, there are several things that help me have some idea of eternity like: repetition (days, seasons, births, deaths), progression (atoms, molecules, organs, individuals, systems), existence (I never stop being). If God has had the power to create such an impressively huge and magnificent world, He is very likely able to sustain it eternally. He has done so up to now. Moreover, He can make as many worlds as He wants when He wants. This is part of Him being divine.
Divinity is something that cannot be described simply, let alone fully. It is such by definition. But there is one area in which God’s divine nature can be understood in a very simple and straightforward way: through the grandeur and beauty of the natural world. Who but a very clever architect can design and sustain the cosmos with all its elements and functions? Who but a highly intelligent creator can invent the human beings and the finely tuned environment for their existence and survival? Who but an immaculate creature can conceive of things like the snow, the fire and the Sun?
Being immaculate means also being uncompromising to some things like perversion for example. And this is connected with the most difficult part of the statement: There is no excuse for me if I don’t see God’s attributes, God’s eternal power and God’s divinity through what He has made in order to show me what I cannot perceive through my senses but can understand with the power of reason. For this is why I have been endowed with this power: to truly perceive and evaluate the facts of reality. If I don’t use my reason in the right way, He will not force me to do so. He has created me free to say, “No, the world was not created and I have nothing to do with a creator”, or, “Yes, the world has a Maker and I am thankful to Him for making it”.

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